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Supporting Southampton CCG with Primary Care Estate Infrastructure Planning

Since Autumn 2019, Hampshire LIFTCo and the gbpartnerships consult team have been working with the CCG in Southampton to undertake a strategic review of their primary care estate and infrastructure across the city.

In Southampton, primary care is under the same pressures as observed nationally. General practice operates from a wide range of buildings of varying size – many of which are sub-optimally configured to support new models of care and enable the development of PCN services. The work undertaken by Hampshire LIFTCo and gbp consult team has focussed on three stages:

After an initial meeting to refine scope, establish and agree key deliverables, the gbp team met with key local stakeholders to collate estates data, obtain local intelligence, and understand stakeholder aspirations. From this, the team produced a detailed estates database, mapping the current estate. Using information obtained from stakeholder meetings, desktop research, and considering factors such as lessons from the Covid-19 pandemic, housing developments, population projections, deprivation, access data, and local / national strategies and policies, the gbp team then then brought together plans and options for improvements to the configuration of the estate. Following stakeholder workshops, the team produced a written report which provided a compendium of key data and options for the ‘ideal’ future estate. The review outcomes will be used to guide future decision-making regarding reconfiguration and investments Primary Care estates and access in across Southampton. If you'd like to find out more about the team's infrastructure planning expertise, click here.

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