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Strategic Review of Primary Care premises across Hampshire and Isle of Wight

Primary Care leads from across the Hampshire and Isle of Wight ICB region have advised that there is an immediate shortfall of suitable Primary Care estate for planned ARRS roles to operate from. Whilst the system is mostly able to recruit into these roles, there is challenge retaining the people recruited, with one of the key contributing factors being a lack of appropriate workspace.

The objective of the project was to fully scope the collective Primary Care space required across the ICB region to facilitate the approved roles within the Additional Role Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS)*, and answer the following questions:

  • What is the current shortfall in required space? (sqm across the ICB as a whole, and where possible broken down into smaller areas)

  • What do we expect this shortfall to be in two years? (sqm across the ICB as a whole, and where possible broken down into smaller areas)

  • What are the blockers preventing the ICB or PCNs from closing this shortfall, in both the short and medium term?

gbpartnerships consult, on behalf of Hampshire Estates Partnership have undertaken the following activities:

  • Review and analysis of a variety of data sources, interviews with Primary Care leads and other NHS colleagues

  • Quantified short to medium term space shortfall and calculated the space needed to house ARRS roles in the short to medium term

  • Developed a qualitative report of the space availability and system blockers.

Our work provided the ICB Executive Team with tangible evidence upon which to base decisions and identify the future Primary Care estates investment requirements.

  • Ascertained the variety of system blockers which contributed to a shortfall in Primary Care space across the ICB footprint

  • Quantified the current space shortfall across the ICB footprint

  • Quantified the estimated cost to the ICB of different approaches to closing the space shortfall (rent reimbursement vs new build development costs)

  • Informed strategic thinking to enable the planning of future decisions.

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