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The Rowner Health Centre

In an area of social deprivation and need, this 1021sqm health centre is a breath of fresh air.


The key purpose of this 1021sqm centre is to bring together a range of primary healthcare professionals within a single premise to support and enhance the delivery of primary care services to patients within a facility close to their homes.


Purpose-built to provide improved services to cater for the growing needs of patients in the west of the Rowner area of Gosport, the building replaces a previous centre dated from the 1960s. Following a move to a temporary, modular building to allow for demolition and re-development of the new two-storey premises, the centre is now home to an extensive range of healthcare services as well as a three-GP practice that carries out some 6,500 consultations per annum.


Consultation and engagement with stakeholders, throughout all phases of the development process, has focused on understanding and integrating local needs and priorities. Part of a £9.3 million development that includes the Oak Park Children's Services Centre, this project is the result of a Public Private Partnership (PPP) agreement between Community Solutions for Primary Care (CSPC), Partnerships for Health (PfH), East Hampshire Primary Care Trust (PCT) and Fareham & Gosport Primary Care Trust (PCT). The 'LIFTCo' that was formed as a result of this agreement (Solent Community Solutions Limited) has entered into a 25 year Lease Plus Agreement with Fareham & Gosport PCT for the facility.


The project is one of the first of a series of developments planned in Fareham & Gosport to enhance the health and well-being of patients and staff, whilst at the same time being flexible and adaptable in order to meet the future changing demands of community-based health and social care.


Solent Estates Partnership Limited is responsible for the maintenance of external and internal fabric of the facility (Hard FM) and tenants for internal cleaning etc (Soft FM).


Key Features

  • A GP practice

  • One training GP

  • Community dentistry

  • General dental practice

  • District nursing (including school nurse function)

  • Health visitors (including community reception)

  • Midwifery

  • Speech and language therapy

  • Podiatry

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