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2000sq m purpose built children's services centre

Oak Park Children's Services Centre forms an integral part of Oak Park Community Hospital and part of an overall £9.3m development.


Specially designed to relocate a wide range of services previously provided from eight different sites across the area into one purpose-built facility, the 2000 sq m Oak Park Children's Services Centre, Havant, is part of a £9.3 million development that also includes the Rowner Health Centre in Gosport.


The key objective of bringing together a wide range of healthcare professionals within a single premise is to support and enhance the delivery of services to children with the most complex needs within East Hampshire.


Raising the level of childrens' care


This will not only raise the level of patient care and experience but also consolidate and improve the expertise of the professionals treating the children.


The centre, which comprises Phase 1 of the development of a new community hospital for Havant, Emsworth and surrounding areas, on land that once housed a comprehensive school (demolished in 1988) is part of a Public Private Partnership (PPP) agreement between Partnerships for Health (PfH), East Hampshire Primary Care Trust (PCT) and Fareham & Gosport PCT, The 'LIFTCo' that was formed as a result of this agreement (Solent Estates Partnership Ltd) has entered into a 25 year Lease Plus Agreement with East Hampshire PCTfor the facility.


The centre acts as a base for about 100 staff. Of these, about one third will be permanently based there, with two thirds travelling out to provide healthcare to children in the community.


Included is the responsibility for the maintenance of external and internal fabric of the facility (Hard FM), with the tenant being responsible for internal cleaning etc (Soft FM).


Key Features

  • Being an integral part of the Oak Park Community Hospital, thus allowing access to shared services and providing support to the hospital

  • More opportunities for joint working between all services Space for group therapy, which previously did not exist

  • Functioning as a specialist resource point, thus enabling children and families to develop a full understanding of the implications of their condition

  • A facility sized for future growth

  • Opportunities for collaborative working enhanced by the proximity of other therapists

  • The close proximity of professionals, helping the use of joint records and a single assessment process

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