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State-of-the-art Community Hospital

Fareham Community Hospital is a £9m development which brings together a wide range of community health services from various parts of the borough. It provides 2,709 m² of much needed modern accommodation.


This state-of-the-art hospital has been designed to compliment the landscape and its surroundings and is easily accessible for the local population. The contemporary design responds carefully to the clinical and functional requirements of NHS Hampshire and reflects the modern model of care that is to be provided.


BREEAM excellence standards


The Hospital is environmentally friendly and built from materials from renewable sources; it also complies with modern energy efficiency standards reducing carbon emissions and meets BREEAM excellence standards for healthcare facilities.


Fareham Community Hospital will accommodate existing services from sites in Fareham and Gosport and some acute services from Portsmouth’s Queen Alexandra Hospital within a primary / community care setting. It will also bring together a range of primary healthcare professionals enhancing the delivery of services within the area.


Local residents and patients who have used the new facility all comment on how easy the building is to navigate and how the facilities enhances the level of care they experience. This has been a very positive development and one which our team are suitably proud.


Key Features

  • Acute Outpatient Clinics

  • Ante-Natal

  • Adult Speech and Language Therapy

  • Community Health Clinics (including podiatry)

  • Child Health Clinics

  • Diagnostics (x-ray and mobile MRI)

  • Physio Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy

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