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Antelope House Adult Mental Health Unit

Located on Southampton's former cricket ground.


This new purpose built Adult Mental Health Unit was opened in June 2010 replacing the Department of Psychiatry at the Royal South Hants Hospital site. It was designed to enhance the high quality of care given and to provide a safe and secure therapeutic environment for patients.


The mental health unit has a range of facilities to meet diverse needs including 50 inpatient beds, a ten bed psychiatric intensive care unit and therapy services.


Co-located within the inpatient unit is a Home Treatment service which provides support in the community, with the aim of keeping people out of hospital.


South West Hampshire Estates Partnerships Ltd (Local Improvement Finance Trust) is a vehicle for improving and developing frontline primary and community care facilities. Construction began in April 2008 followed by the team's focused dedication to the project from that time.


Key Features

  • A safe and secure therapeutic environment

  • 50 inpatient beds

  • A ten bed psychiatric intensive care unit

  • Therapy services

  • Home Treatment service

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