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Hampshire Estates Partnership a
public private partnership

Hampshire Estates Partnership is a public private partnership which evolved from a merger of South West Hampshire Estates Partnership and South Eastern Hampshire LIFT (Solent) in 2011.  The partnership was procured to develop, improve and manage Health and Local Authority Estate.  The partnership brings together a plethora of experience and expertise to ensure local estate is fit for purpose and being 40% owned by the NHS (CHP) and 60% private sector, it offers more than just the delivery of new buildings:

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Support for local partners

(GPs, CCGs, LA’s) to develop detailed estate reviews, capital works programmes and estate solutions

More than just healthcare

a far more integrated approach, with significant involvement of LA’s, involving social care inclusion, from libraries to children’s care


a proven procurement route

Patient focussed

actively seek to locate as many services as locally required using flexible spaces for healthcare and social services uses

About us

About Us

We provide a comprehensive service for the provision, management and maintenance of public sector infrastructure for Hampshire and Southampton City. This includes delivering new health and social care facilities that are not only valuable to the community but are also truly sustainable solutions for this region.


Hampshire Estates Partnership is a Joint Venture Solent and South West Hampshire Estates Partnership. The JV means that we bring together an outstanding team with the broad spectrum of expertise, experience and track record to meet current demands and expectations.

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Our Vision

Whenever and wherever a patient becomes ill or believes they are in need of healthcare, that patient can access a high standard of primary healthcare irrespective of their age, sex and health problem and irrespective of the practice they are registered with.

Latest News

Latest News



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